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The Atlanta Federal Executive Board serves as a vital link to intergovernmental coordination by identifying common ground and building cooperative relationships across the 50 county metropolitan Atlanta area. The Board represents approximately 47,000 federal, postal and military employees. Members of the Board are the senior executives of the approximately 143 federal agencies in Atlanta. Full board meetings are held quarterly. A Policy and Steering Committee meets monthly to address agency concerns at the policy level. The office is staffed by an Executive Director.

The Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) have the following operation framework:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Employee Safety
  • Workforce Development and Human Capital Readiness
  • Strategic Partnership

Through the combined efforts of our senior Federal leadership, we:

  • Provide communication between Federal agencies during emergencies
  • Share special skills between agencies, including translations and mediation.
  • Connect to our local community through outreach projects
  • Provide local training for our Federal workforce to reduce travel dollars
  • Are poised to facilitate large interagency projects

In these times of budget cutbacks, FEBs are critical to the future success of the Federal government. Connecting local agency offices to your local Atlanta FEB is the best way to stretch your budget and collaborate with local leaders.